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Windermere Medical Marijuana Doctors Office

Winter Park Pain Management is the best Windermere medical marijuana doctors office, and Dr. Rivera is a highly sought-after Orlando MJ doctor. Here are prime 5 benefits of getting a medical MJ card from us:

  1. Legal protection and marijuana tax exemptions

Cannabis for recreational use is illegal in Florida, and possession of up to 20 grams is a misdemeanor offense. You can face suspension of driver’s license in addition to prison for up to 1 year and heavy fines.

Having an MMJ card can protect you from misdemeanor or felony charges and will provide you with the freedom of using medical cannabis. Our MJ card will not only better equipp you to overcome chronic conditions, illnesses, and diseases, but also provide help in case you experience pain or discomfort. In some medical and recreational dispensaries, you can get medical cannabis at a lower price with an MJ card and save up to 25% in taxes in some states.

  1. Access to high-quality cannabis

With an MJ card, you can order the strains from an approved dispensary in your state. State-approved dispensaries sell 100% authentic compounds at affordable prices. This way, you get access to the finest marijuana that undergoes thorough testing for quality assurance.

  1. Higher possession limits and fewer restrictions 

Although the state of Florida allows the use of marijuana for medical purposes, there are certain limitations to how much marijuana you can purchase or possess. With an MJ card from one of the licensed Windermere marijuana doctor clinics, these limits are higher for you. Ideally, patients with medical marijuana patients can possess up to 8 ounces of marijuana in some states.

Also, some states allow the cultivation of marijuana plants for personal use for those with an MJ card. By growing your own cannabis for medical purposes, you can save a considerable amount of money in the long run. We are one of the best Cannabis clinics in Windermere to offer our patients complete guidance and information on the possession limits, restrictions, and other important guidelines.

  1. Access to higher THC products

Patients suffering from certain medical conditions may require high-potent cannabis products or marijuana with higher THC content. When you have an MJ card, you can buy cannabis with a higher THC content without facing charges.

  1. Excellent service and better management of illnesses

When you come to our certified marijuana doctors for an MJ card, our physicians make it a priority to help you get the card as soon as possible. We’ll make sure you have the right compounds at your disposal to manage the symptoms of your condition. Our medical marijuana doctors in Windermere, FL, prescribe the right strains at precise dosages to help you lead an improved quality of life.

Get in touch with one of us at Winter Park Pain Management by visiting our website or call (407) 644-3509. Your search for the best Windermere medical marijuana doctors office ends here. Overcome your pains and health ailments using our 100% natural medical cannabis treatment.

Windermere Medical Marijuana Doctors Office

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