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CBD Products

CBD inhaler is the fasted means of consuming CBD (Cannabidiol) and take immediate effect. With health concerns reasonably raised about other forms of CBD products like vaping and smoking, people are looking for a better alternative. A few CBD brands are answering for the means of healthier methods of consuming CBD oils. And the solution is CBD inhalers. At nhaler, we made sure that our CBD inhalers are of premium quality. All our CBD products meet all the manufacturing requirements of CBD and passed a 3rd party lab testing. 

How to use CBD inhaler

Place the inhaler mouthpiece in your mouth and pumps the device to deliver a certain dose of CBD that goes into your lungs. You shouldn’t take more than 4 doses of the CBD inhaler with at least 4hrs apart. This rule is mostly applied to the people that are using CBD for the first time. These people may experience slight discomfort or mild irritation until they adjust to the CBD inhaler. 

Benefits of using CBD inhalers

One of the most significant benefits is that CBD inhalers provides instant effect. It usually takes less than five minutes for the effect of CBD to kick in after using the inhaler. On the other hand, when you smoke or use vaporized CBD products, it can take about thirty minutes to feel the effect of the CBD and about an hour if you buy CBD oil that is taken orally. 

In addition, CBD inhalers produce a specific dose per burst. This is a great benefit for those who are new to consuming CBD and who might find it difficult to measure and get an exact dose of CBD. Moreover, CBD inhalers are easy to use, and you can conveniently carry them around and use when necessary.

Does CBD have any side effects?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is safer when compared to other drugs used to treat neurological conditions. That being said, like most of the bioactive products, CBD has a couple of potential side effects. Some of the common effects are dizziness, drowsiness, diarrhea, or changes in appetite.

However, CBD healers have been trending lately because of its rare complications. So far, no complications have occurred due to the use of CBD inhalers, and this has made them a better and safer way to use CBD as opposed to other forms like smoking, dabbing, or vaping. 

Why buy at nhaler?

At nhaler, we produce the best CBD inhalers, and all of our product meets the requirement of producing CBD for sale. We use the CO2 CBD extraction method to extract all the CBD we use to manufacture our CBD products. This method uses pressurized CO2 to take as many desirable CBD as possible, and it produces the purest form of CBD.

Our CBD products are 99.9% pure CBD, herbicides-free, addictive-free, and pesticides-free. To ensure the safety and supreme quality of all our CBD products, we make sure they are successfully passed through 3rd party testing before putting them up for sale. Some of our best-selling CBD products include chill, focus, and move. Contact nhaler 800-497-6059 or shop our products.


CBD Products